July 2015

Ashley & Malone Loves You! Defining Our “Dream Client”

As branding experts, we’re clearly invested in the concept of a “dream client.” After all, that’s one of the biggest reasons to develop a clearly defined brand: to attract the specific kinds of people and businesses who will be the perfect fit for you!

There are lots of reasons to seek out that dream client – the obvious one is that clients whose tastes and style align with yours, and whose business type and budget allow for your services, are more likely to hire you. There are other reasons, though. When you and your client share a similar vision (whether that vision is related to aesthetics, working styles, the definition of success, or any combination), they’re naturally going to be more pleased with your work, because they trust you. There’s also a greater chance that you’ll enjoy the process of working with them – and when you work as much as we do, that matters!

Since launching Ashley & Malone, we’ve worked with some amazing clients – you can view some of them, and the brands, websites and blogs we’ve created for them, in our portfolio. Of course, we’re always looking for more of that kind of dream client to add to our schedule, so we thought we’d share a little bit about what makes a business (and its owner) a great fit for us.

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Ashley & Malone clients’ personal style is an embodiment of style: luxurious yet down-to-earth, and mixing trends with the classics. They’re warm, outgoing, engaging people who value their close relationships with friends and family. They love fabulous restaurants, fine wine and traveling to beautiful places, and filling their lives with meaningful connections and experiences.

When it comes to their businesses, our dream clients are organized, passionate, and decisive – they know what they want, and aren’t shy about communicating it! They also understand the importance of a strong, memorable and consistent brand (even if they haven’t gotten there yet – that’s where we come in!). Typically, they serve a high-end wedding clientele and they know they need to stand out in order to appeal to those clients.

Our dream clients are excited about the prospect of transforming their business’ visual identity. They’re enthusiastic about the process of working closely with the two of us to create a vision and bring it to life. They’re ready to make the most of their rebranding journey, and to do that specifically with Ashley & Malone!

Working with clients like those we’ve described has been a key part of our success, as well as theirs. There’s a certain magic that’s created when likeminded professionals work together toward a common goal, and we’re grateful every day for the opportunity to partner with such incredible people on projects that have such a tremendous impact on their businesses.

Do you recognize yourself in what we’ve written? Have you been considering an upgrade for your brand, or realized you’re ready to invest in a responsive website or a more beautiful blog? If so, we hope you’ll reach out so we can discuss bringing you on as one of our dream clients!

Ashley Malone

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