December 2017

Live! The Wedding Artists Co

We’re so excited to announce the launch of The Wedding Artists Co!

Lisa came to us as a referral from our other client Ro & Co Events and we were immediately smitten with her vision. She wanted something that wasn’t typical of the wedding industry….something a little edgy, moody, different and artistic. My designer heart was pretty pumped with how this brand unfolded.

We started with a simple wordmark logo and used the brands shortform – The WAC, to create a standout typographic icon to complement the brand. With a strong foundation established for the logo suite, we were able to amp things up with layering a customized green rose texture with the elevated look of gold foil. Together these two details really lay the foundation for The Wedding Artists Co new brand experience.

Explore the site below or head on over to her site here to see more!

Featured photo by: Sasithon Photography.

Ashley Malone

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